Art From The Heart

EtonHouse Pre-school Phnom Penh (EHIS) has engaged the entire school community to connect together for its first ever fund raising charity event on November 2014– “Art from the Heart”.


Our work displays inspired by “The Hundred Languages of Children”.

Art from the Heart is inspired by Reggio’s philosophy of “The Hundred Languages of Children”. The desire for this art exhibition was created with the intent to share with our community and to embrace the Hundred Languages that children use to communicate with us.

The children have created beautiful and thoughtful pieces of art that was auctioned to raise money for the Kantha Bopha Hospital. We had the Primary and Prep students performing their very own song composition about sharing from the heart. Families were also involved as part of the event, coming together to sponsor home-baked cupcakes, nail polish sets and drinks as part of the event.


This exhibition also served another purpose of serving the less fortunate within the community. We want to inculcate values of sharing, and the good news is that sharing comes naturally to young children. With support, guidance and facilitation by EtonHouse’s educators, the children expressed themselves confidently through a myriad of “languages” such as construction, paint, clay, wire and other open-ended materials.

“Art from the Heart”, aims to foster children’s charitable awareness, and the best way to do this is by acting as a good role model. Charity truly begins at home. We hope that this learning experience will be a stepping-stone to help young children understand their role within the community and the ways in which small acts can have a greater impact in changing the society


The event was a great success with the support and collaborations with families and the community. The journey brings in aspects of social awareness and environmental responsibility in the true spirit of camaraderie between school and home.


Representative of EtonHouse Phnom Penh, (EHIS) seen with Deputy Director Dr. Denis Laurent and his team.

Community Projects

Kantha Bopha Hospital

For the third year in a row, EtonHouse International School Phnom Penh has raised funds through auctioning items made by our teachers and students during our “Music of the World Charity Concert” held on 13th June 2017. The total amount collected was US$3,100 and the EHIS Team presented the cheque on 16th June 2017 to representatives of the Hospital / Foundation benefitting the Kantha Bopha Children's Hospital. EHIS is very grateful to supports from parents, teachers, teacher assistants, students and friends. We shall strive to continue the tradition of this meaningful event annually.

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Happy Hearts Giving Hands

On 28th June, Ms Nicole and Ms Anne delivered the cheque of $4,370 to Mr Dennis Lauren, Deputy Director of Kantha Bopha Children's Hospital. Mr Dennis remembers EHIS from the previous time we donated. He is very happy with our continuous support for the hospital and for making a difference in the lives of the children in dire need of medical attention. Thank you once again to all parents and friends for making this possible.

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