At EtonHouse, Phnom Penh (EHIS), our curriculum framework empowers learning and educators to view learning as an exciting creative inquiry process. EtonHouse International Pre-School provides a curriculum that has drawn upon globally accepted best practice in early childhood education, providing children opportunities for successful and meaningful learning experiences.  The educators take on a role to observe, facilitate learning and to learn alongside with the children.


Our curriculum, lesson experience planning, learning environment and classroom practices centers around the Image of the Child. The team at EHIS came together to collaborate and participate in discussions about the identity of the children at EtonHouse, Phnom Penh. We shared and reflected about our personal teaching philosophies, our beliefs about children and their development. We have interwoven these experiences, thoughts, discussions, theoretical researches, and values to connect with our current image of a child. Our image of children, guides our interactions with the children, the relationships with them, the planning of our learning environment and allows children to benefit meaningful learning experiences. 


At EtonHouse Phnom Penh, we invite you to see children as: 

•Unique Individuals
•Curious learners (about the world around them)
•Communicators of the 100 languages
•Social-Cultural beings

Our child-centered curriculum framework centers around an approach based on children’s interest and abilities, with a strong focus on the acquisition of literacy and numeracy skills.

The pre-school offers a strong and integrated second language programme where the teaching and learning of Mandarin will be in a relevant environment, thus making the process natural and effective. With the introduction and exposure to both languages, children are encourage to think, verbalise and understand concepts in two different languages and communicate effectively in them. The hands-on learning approach is specially designed based on research and develops in children an appreciation and genuine interest in the language at a very young age.


Community Projects

Kantha Bopha Hospital

For the third year in a row, EtonHouse International School Phnom Penh has raised funds through auctioning items made by our teachers and students during our “Music of the World Charity Concert” held on 13th June 2017. The total amount collected was US$3,100 and the EHIS Team presented the cheque on 16th June 2017 to representatives of the Hospital / Foundation benefitting the Kantha Bopha Children's Hospital. EHIS is very grateful to supports from parents, teachers, teacher assistants, students and friends. We shall strive to continue the tradition of this meaningful event annually.

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Happy Hearts Giving Hands

On 28th June, Ms Nicole and Ms Anne delivered the cheque of $4,370 to Mr Dennis Lauren, Deputy Director of Kantha Bopha Children's Hospital. Mr Dennis remembers EHIS from the previous time we donated. He is very happy with our continuous support for the hospital and for making a difference in the lives of the children in dire need of medical attention. Thank you once again to all parents and friends for making this possible.

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