Primary Years Programme

Stimulating and challenging learning programmes


Primary Years Programme Framework

The Primary Years Programme which runs on the Singapore-based education system provides an opportunity for students to acquire a holistic education to mould them into global citizens and the future of the nation. The Primary Years Programme follows a rigorous and a renowned internationally recognised Singapore-based syllabus which is spread out into six years – Primary 1 to Primary Six. The overall aim of primary education is to give students a good grasp of English language, Mathematics and Science. The Primary Education caters to children from the age of 6 and lasts for six years. It consists of a four year foundation stage (Primary 1 – 4) and a two-year orientation stage (Primary 5 – 6) before moving on to the next grade. At the end of six years, pupils sit for the International Primary School Leaving Examination (iPSLE).

As a school that adopts the Singapore-based Primary Years Programme, EtonHouse International School Phnom Penh seeks to develop these qualities in our students:

  • Equip students with adequate skills, knowledge and intellectual development
  • To develop resolve, confidence and resilience
  • Instill tolerance and respect for differences in various contexts
  • To have a heart for the community and heightened awareness of social responsibility
  • To develop an all-rounder via a holistic education that intertwines problem-solving skills and critical thinking
  • To mould a self-directed learner who takes pride in learning
  • To shape an active contributor to the school, family and local/global community

Your child will learn English as a first language in primary school. English is the lingua franca of many nations and a universal language. Therefore, the ability to speak and write English well is an essential skill to develop in our children and something that we put the highest priority on.

The Primary Years Programme aims to help students to:


  • Acquire and apply mathematical skills
  • Develop various cognitive and meta-cognitive skills to problem solving
  • Inculcate an interest in Mathematics through meaningful learning
  • Practise basic mathematics skills to achieve mastery


  • Develop listening and oratorical skills
  • Inculcate the love for reading and develop reading skills through phonics and reading programmes
  • Develop narrative and descriptive writing skills
  • Develop an awareness for grammar and syntax in literacy


  • Inculcate the spirit of scientific inquiry in and beyond the classroom
  • To display knowledge, understanding and application of scientific phenomena, facts, concepts and principles
  • To develop scientific skills such as observing, comparing, classifying, predicting, analyzing and evaluating
  • To develop process skills that involves creative problem-solving, investigation and decision-making
  • To prepare students to be adept in an increasingly technologically-driven world



Source Ministry Of Education, Singapore MOE


Christmas Charity Concert

On 11th December 2018 the EtonHouse International School team presented the charity cheque amount US$2,100.00 to the Kantha Bopha Children’s Hospital Foundation. We would like to extend our gratitude to all the parents and children that contributed to this very important cause.


“Music of the World Charity Concert”

For the third year in a row, EtonHouse International School Phnom Penh has raised funds through auctioning items made by our teachers and students during our “Music of the World Charity Concert” held on 13th June 2017. The total amount collected was US$3,100 and the EHIS Team presented the cheque on 16th June 2017 to representatives of the Hospital / Foundation benefitting the Kantha Bopha Children's Hospital. EHIS is very grateful to supports from parents, teachers, teacher assistants, students and friends. We shall strive to continue the tradition of this meaningful event annually.